Stalkers =O

10 Jan 2011


Okay so I wa downoading a Cazy hairstyle as you do, and then suddenly I saw the horror!
click to enlarge ;)

Btw you wil probs only get this if you know my name which is Stacie xD

8 Jan 2011

Vogue sims modeling

Hey guys just thought I would take the chance to advertise my modeling comp and see if I get any bites :)
No I am not talking about fishing for contestants because I'm not picky I take who get ;D

Anyway here is the link :

It says 4 spots only but everyone knows the more the merrier so I will deffintly let more people join
Umm, judges just me and Rexy keep things simple want to know more click the link...don't worry its not a virus im not THAT mean.

7 Jan 2011

Happy (late) new year

So yeh, I am late with saying happy new year like 7 days late but oh well. Hope you all have a rocking new year, and its better than your last (unless u dont want it to be lol )

On other news, I am thinking about making a legacy (mine went bye byes with my old comp xP ) , although i'm not sure yet what do ya guys thinks, it probs wont be propper chapters anyway just like mini updates