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21 Dec 2010

Get well soon!

Just wanted to post a quick get well soon for one of best mates (or my wife lol)  in the simming world Cait. or aza as some of you may know her :')

Get well soon wife!

19 Dec 2010

Everything Seems Different

So my dad died just over a year ago, not my first chirstmas without him. But still everything seems so different. I still expect him to knock my door to take me to his house ya'noo.
I guess everything happens for a reason, and fank gwad i still have my mum, but my dad...he was my dad...he was there for me and I'm a propper daddy's girl.
Brought Christmas tree for his grave, fake snow and balls on it. Looks so cute, it's only a small one. Oh and holly reaf.
Snow, he loved snow. I like to make the most of it tbh. It gives me amazing memories. That I just want to stay...
I'm scared that his face will fade away but I know it won't happen...

Anyway just me expressing how I am feeling, don't bother commenting if ya dont wanna lmao

Stacie xx

4 Dec 2010

Eliminated =[

Eliminated by ONE point from xtreme bliss, oh well I got to the top 3.
The only thing that bugs me is I got this reward that could save me from elimination that i could use any time if I was going to be eliminated! Err what happened to that?
Confuzed yes x)
The other pictures were great, but personaly I thought I got the hardest one, hands, neck and legs
neck being easiest, hands also being easier as ea has LOADS of animations for them and I got legs, stuck with pose combining, so I went for a cute simple pose, but they expected more from me because I usally do courlful assignments, my orignal idea probably would have got me higher hehe pippi long stokings idea XD
Oh well hopefuly she will do a cycle 2 and I am so entering it >:D
well if im alowed hehe

15 Nov 2010


Sorry if the title made you think...OOOO she has a new siggie because well....I don't!
infact I have no idea the size of the siggie sooo i need ur guys help?
Whats the max size for a siggie without having it cut of?

On other notes:
Get up at 5am because I couldn't sleep.
Try finiding my school shirt...I couldn't
Ask my sister and I get moaned at, like wtf she is up dressed because she has work anyway!!!!!!!!!
So I trot down stairs as you do, go to my mum, maaayybe that was a VERY bad idea...I forgot the time so I walked in and said " Mum ya seen my shirt" Oopps I just woke her up XD
So I theng o diging through the ironing bassket, that is now a mess btw but I found it, and it only took me like 30 minutes! Amazing huh.

12 Nov 2010

Edit Blog!

My sim picture edits blog is done. Heres the link
It's got loads on there already x)
I'm so organized me!

10 Nov 2010

4th Place = Xtreme Bliss

Yeah, quite happy with that considering the editing was rough.
Apprently quite a closs round in the "Top 4"
Fair enough right?

Well noooow I have to think of someink for assignment 5. my brain needs help lol. I have a few ideas
and post them up when I'm done yeah good idea? Yeah I think so to ;)

Oh yeah I have this what I did: Dark Shadows #1 working on #2

They said the orb was rough, but I wanted it to look like that :(
Oh well lol, just going to have to them thats how me likes my little magical glowing thing-o-bob ;D

5 Nov 2010

I feel Clever! 8-)

So over at the modeling forums on TS3 website, I am part of a modeling competion called xtreme bliss, the assignments revole around the body, we have had hair and eyes and now we are currently on Nude.

The 3rd assignment was to sell something but our model had to wear nothing, they were alowed to were acessories but that's it. Of course we had to cover up their private areas.

So for my assignment I decided to sell a..........LOLLYPOP!
I had alot fun with this assignment and thought I would share it with you gusy :D

FYI: If you are Amarican and are wondering why I put 50p, it bassicaly means 50 cent =]
Yes may seem expensive for a lolly but look at the size of it ;)

Bit rough around the edges of the licerish but it was super thin lol

4 Nov 2010

New Thingy!

Yey I gots a new blog.
I feel happy as I manage to set it up myself with a little help *coughALOTcough* :)
Anywaaayz so this amazing place is where you will find my weird talking, stuff thats going on with my life if ur luck ;)
and my simmies. Hehe
Oh and randomness

Sooo enjoy the blogg be nice on my chatty box box ;D I think its awsome!