Stalkers =O

21 Dec 2010

Get well soon!

Just wanted to post a quick get well soon for one of best mates (or my wife lol)  in the simming world Cait. or aza as some of you may know her :')

Get well soon wife!

19 Dec 2010

Everything Seems Different

So my dad died just over a year ago, not my first chirstmas without him. But still everything seems so different. I still expect him to knock my door to take me to his house ya'noo.
I guess everything happens for a reason, and fank gwad i still have my mum, but my dad...he was my dad...he was there for me and I'm a propper daddy's girl.
Brought Christmas tree for his grave, fake snow and balls on it. Looks so cute, it's only a small one. Oh and holly reaf.
Snow, he loved snow. I like to make the most of it tbh. It gives me amazing memories. That I just want to stay...
I'm scared that his face will fade away but I know it won't happen...

Anyway just me expressing how I am feeling, don't bother commenting if ya dont wanna lmao

Stacie xx

4 Dec 2010

Eliminated =[

Eliminated by ONE point from xtreme bliss, oh well I got to the top 3.
The only thing that bugs me is I got this reward that could save me from elimination that i could use any time if I was going to be eliminated! Err what happened to that?
Confuzed yes x)
The other pictures were great, but personaly I thought I got the hardest one, hands, neck and legs
neck being easiest, hands also being easier as ea has LOADS of animations for them and I got legs, stuck with pose combining, so I went for a cute simple pose, but they expected more from me because I usally do courlful assignments, my orignal idea probably would have got me higher hehe pippi long stokings idea XD
Oh well hopefuly she will do a cycle 2 and I am so entering it >:D
well if im alowed hehe