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6 Aug 2011

It's been a while...

Well, well, well
Looks like I have finally remembered about my blog (not that I forgot about it or anything.....>.> )

Anyway so looks like the forums are dead, well only the Sims and Modeling forum and maybe the creative corner, however that is probably due to EA being a bitch and banning almost everyone over stupid things...
that doesn't mean the sims modeling is over, oh know thanks to some wonderful simmer *cough*BLISS*cough* she made a thread called sims 3 unbound  (Click here to find !) and seems to have stole most of the best simmers anyway. The good thing about the forum is that you don't have to worry about being banned but of cause drama is not accepted there, but thats like most places.
So yeah really go there don't stay at the officials they're dead and tbh crap :)

So yeah thats my little update of what my eyeballs have noticed XD
Not much else to talk about.
So cya guys

~ Pix

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