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31 May 2011

Forum Devolper.... What the fudge?!?!!?!

So while eating my dinner quite happily at that (BBQ bonless chicken and curly fries ;D), something must have poped up on my computer, now I'm not sure where the fizzle sticks this came from, and it could be where my little friend (the dog) , hit something, anyway TS3 site forum devolper poped up.
If anyone is curious this is what it looks like:

^ The pic is very blury, but thats probs cause its a screenshot lol, anyway thats on the layout bit.

Anyway you have no idea how nerdy I feel right now, so before I touch it, belive me I wanna....
I'm going to wait for the nerdish family friend to come and have a look at it, since he knows shiz loads about comuters

Teehee do you think i could pass for EA staff now ?

Anyway what I wanna know is has this happened to you before?

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