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29 May 2011


If you wanna submit a sim to participate please go here (the forum says the same thing this post does xD)

Welcome to my new challenge,
well it's more of a story I shall be writing but I will call it challenge

How my story/challenge will work!

The idea is to have eight sims in a house and split them in half, so 4 and 4, one half you will put in a group called "Rags" and the other half you will but in a group called "Riches". You will then build a house (although it doesn't have to look like a house) and also split that into half, giving the "Rags" Group the part that doesn't look as good, and the furniture is basic and they don't have many luxeries and giving the "Riches" group the exact oposite.

Once you have the house, and the groups set up I will bassically be following their lives, seeing how each group is coping with living in the different envoriments, eventually after around 4 or 5 chapters, I will be opening a poll where you can vote for your favorite Sim to stay in the house and your worse to be kicked out (sounds like big brother but trust it's not)
However the poll's won't always be for the sim to be kicked out or kept in, it could be for different things such as giving your favorite sim the chance to move up to the riches section or your worst sim down to the rags. Also alot of other things.

The sims also have to live by rules, and if they break the rules whether they be riches or rags they are put into a small room behind bars, where one of the other sims will be left to guard. in the cell the sim will have two bassic things, a toilet and a bed, no food! Yes, this house can be like hell if you break the rules or do anything to annoy the boss (Myself).
The Rules will be annouced in the introduction chapter!

Wanna be part of this hell house?

Now I am not going to use my own sims, where's the fun in that?
That's right I need you, the reader to select a sim for me to use. You can only enter 2 each, and once I feel I have enough to choose from I will stop the submissions and annouce who has been selected, but heres the catch my good friends, your sims do not get to choose what group they go in, I do, so be prepared where ever you go.
Fill out this form and pack your bags incase your chosen
Why you want to go in the house:
Headshot on white background:
Link to exchange:
Any cc you wish to see on your sim while inside my game:

Happy simming

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