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23 May 2011

Wassup with this!

So I'm watching cribs, and I don't really think it's a show for us to enjoy, just a chance for all thoose celebrities, which half i havn't even heard off (Lawl I know) to rub in our faces what they got, and what most could never afford...
Geez people say we're having trouble with money got see one of these people, two of their houses and its contense would help us XD

AND while casually browsing msb3 like I do, I found that peggy may have really let them selfs down
I don't know, but the hair it shitz, I know they can do better, but this hair is like meh and the thing that annoys me? It's free... I would like a few good hairs that are free >.< The strange thing is that it's got "26 must haves"

ANND while I'm at the whole cc stuff
Usally I cannot look at the blood cc it gives me the creeps, but me thinks i found one i can...
I wonder why ;)

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